Quality in endoscopy – Colonoscopy & Colonic Neoplasms


Rácz István professzor úr megbízásából küldjük ezt az értesítést, ha van lehetőségetek, jelentkezzetek.
Absztraktok beküldését várják, a legjobbaknak (40 év alatt) ingyenes regisztráció és 500 Eurós utazási támogatás jár! beküldési határidő február 15.


További részletek: www.quality-in-endoscopy.org


"It is our pleasure to invite you to the second symposium in the Quality in Endoscopy series with the topic twitter.com/drjonesbilly colonoscopy and colonic neoplasms. The European Society of Gastro- intestinal Endoscopy (ESGE) and the European Society of Digestive Oncology (ESDO) are happy to be joining forces for this event.

The scientific committee has produced a comprehensive programme encompassing this exciting field and we feel it sets the stage for an interactive and productive meeting.

Our faculty consists of leaders in this field alongside young rising stars. Participants, who are largely from the younger generation, will take home with them state of the viagra commercial actress art knowledge on colonoscopy and colonic neoplasms through lectures, case discussion, lively debates, and social networking.

We are convinced that the combination of highly communica- tive teaching with a strong, supportive faculty is the key to success for “Quality in Endoscopy” symposia and we look forward to seeing you in Berlin! "